The Antioch, Tennessee church shooter is an immigrant from Sudan and black power radical with a history of sharing pro-Islamic and anti-Western posts on social media, a review of his Facebook and Twitter accounts reveals.

A masked gunman opened fire at a Nashville church Sunday, walking silently down the aisle as he shot unsuspecting congregants. At least one person was killed and seven others wounded, authorities said.

An usher confronted the shooter, who apparently shot himself in the struggle before he was arrested, police said.

The FBI said Sunday night it has opened a civil rights investigation into the shooting at the Burnette Chapel Church of Christ.

Masked shooter kills woman at Tennessee church

A shooting at a church outside Nashville, Tenn., on Sunday left at least one person dead and seven injured.


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REPORT: Suspected TN Church Killer a Pro-Islamist, Black Power Sudanese Migrant

Media hiding identity of narrative-shattering mass shooter


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The attack was interrupted by 22 year-old Robert Engle, an usher at the church. Engle wrestled with Samson and during the confrontation Samson was shot the left pectoral with his own gun. Engle then ran out to his car to retrieve his own gun in order to “confront Samson again.”

Police say there is no known relationship between Samson and the congregation.

On July 8th, 2016, Samson shared a link from a website titled “New Generation Back Council” that falsely claimed “Police Murder a black Panther General execution style and try to cover it up June 23rd 2016.”

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