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Files comprise final 1% of John Fitzgerald Kennedy assassination records held by federal government, which in 1992 Congress ordered to be released to the public within 25 years.

The US government is set to release 2,800 previously classified John Fitzgerald Kennedy assassination files on Thursday, sending historians, researchers and conspiracy theorists scrambling online to scour some of the last remaining documents for fresh revelations.

Trump Holding Back Some JFK Files, Releasing Others

President Donald Trump is playing it coy on what people will see from long-secret JFK assassination-era files.

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JFK assassination files released today

The U.S. government is required by today to release the final batch of files related to Kennedy’s assassination in Dallas on Nov. 22, 1963. Experts say the publication of the last trove of evidence could help allay suspicions of a conspiracy — at least for some.

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The files comprise almost the final 1 percent of records held by the federal government and their publication follows a release in July when the record-keepers, the National Archives, posted 3,801 documents online, mostly formerly released documents with previously redacted portions. A White House official told reporters that a few hundred records remain classified. Earlier on Thursday Donald Trump approved requests, mostly by the FBI and CIA, to keep some documents hidden “because of the national security, law enforcement and foreign affairs concerns”, the official said.

Trump ordered the agencies to review those redactions over the course of six months, the official said, to ensure more documents reach the public.

According to the National Archives, 88% of records related to Kennedy’s murder were already fully open and another 11% released but partially redacted. In total, that makes for about 5m pages.

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JFK, Conspiracy, Kennedy