Trump Withholding Potentially Explosive Files on JFK Assassination

45 to censor documents about 35

President Trump is today releasing thousands of files on the crime of the 20th century, the assassination of President John F. Kennedy.

Trump JFK Files

For over fifty years, the public has wondered, debated, theorized, argued. Who really killed our 35th president? Conspiracy theories abound, and include many sinister agents still in forefront of political intrigue: Russia, Cuba, the FBI, the CIA, the Mafia, political foes. The list is long and exhaustive.


Perhaps the most talked about and divisive criminal act in history, many thought that today the debate would end and Americans would learn the awful truth. Today, our 45th president, Donald J. Trump, is releasing 2800 files related to the Kennedy assassination.

Lee Harvey Oswald JFK Files


But in a stunning move that will infuriate the populace and fuel further speculation and conspiracies, many documents will be withheld.


The excuse is typical: national security. In his memo dated October 26, 2017, Trump declared:


“. . . executive departments and agencies have proposed to me that certain information should continue to be redacted because of national security, law enforcement, and foreign affairs concerns. I have no choice –today — but to accept those redactions rather than allow potentially irreversible harm to our Nation’s security.”


Kennedy Files

What happened to government transparency? What is Trump really hiding? When will the public ever learn the truth?


We may never know.


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Kennedy Files

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